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We ask ourselves, "What would Jesus do?" for this online social network site identity.


Design a site for an online video sharing social network based on the non-religious aspects of Jesus. That’s what we were initially asked to do. Our first reaction was to ask ourselves if we were interested in a project based on the subject matter, and wonder what qualified us to delve into this realm. Yet, our objectivity, and for the most part, secularism, became a great asset.

The problem that Yaaway Media faced was that they had a well-developed interactive and hosting technology (back-end) without a fully considered brand strategy and identity system. What was really required was to help the client understand who and what they were to the intended target audience, and then how to appeal to them. The me-too YouTube design of the original logo would have to be redone before we could even address the website design.


Through our Brand Discovery process we collaborated with key stakeholders to evaluate existing identity and brand language. The aim was to develop the brand and a memorable identity along with support materials that reflect the attitudes, values and attributes of Yaaway Media, its website, founders, staff and perhaps most importantly, its members.


The result was an award-winning identity: the quote marks that compose the logomark emphasize an exchange of ideas and communication, and also represent the four books of the Bible chronicling Jesus’ life. A subtle cross in the negative space implies the underlying focus of this dialogue, while the colour palette progresses from cool blue to warm red suggesting a journey from discovery to acceptance.

This was then applied to all stationery and a completely new website design for the existing back end. In addition, through our discovery and design process, we identified a multitude of content and feature sets for future consideration of the online experience.

“Industrial Brand has an excellent ability to understand what their client is trying to accomplish and an equal ability to drive the project to successful completion.” – Craig Faulkner, General Manager, Yaaway Media

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