Marceau Evans Johnson Architects

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A brand evolution leads to a website as unique as the buildings this architecture firm designs.


Marceau Evans Johnson Architects specialize in projects designed and constructed using a collaborative framework that fully involves clients, future users, and sometimes whole communities in the development of a project.

They hired us to help them update and standardize the Marceau Evans Johnson Architects (MEJA) brand to better reflect their unique personality and innovative skills, and prevent the inconsistent usage that resulted from a decentralized store of various ad hoc logos.


The new Marceau Evans Johnson logomark is intended to resemble a cross section of 2×4 lumber. The logomark, in combination with the “MEJ” portion of the wordmark, reproduces this same 2×4 proportion. Wood is an essential building material indeed, but especially so for MEJA since it is featured prominently in many of their projects. The wood grain as depicted can also be viewed as a fingerprint: with the structures they create, it is a symbolic representation of the mark they, as architects, make on the land, communities, and cultures.


With the identity refreshed, we delivered an online graphic usage style guide along with the new stationery system and electronic versions of all documents. This enabled MEJA complete control over their brand and ensured consistent use of the identity.

With the identity in place, our attention turned to the creation of a completely new CMS-driven website that reflects the unique personality and innovative skills of the company. It also gives MEJA control over their own ever-changing content and sets them apart in the highly competitive architectural design field.

“Our work with Industrial Brand was really enjoyable, and clarified for us the importance of establishing a consistent brand identity, especially being in the architectural field where good graphics are so important. Their entire team had a high level of enthusiasm for all they did, and their creativity and technical expertise made us feel that we were in extremely capable hands.” – Greg Johnson, Partner, Marceau Evans Johnson Architects

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