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Paving the way for a local success story to go from one backyard BobCat to major civil construction contractor.


A contracting and construction company that started twenty years ago with one man named Jake, this family-owned business has grown into one of the largest construction firms in the Fraser Valley. For the 20th anniversary of the company in 2013, we created a special edition of the identity we created in 2008.


The thing about many companies that start small and then experience success and growth is that they rarely have developed language and strategy around their brand. What they know about their competition and their relative positioning is anecdotal, at best. Growth, real growth, at some point requires a deep understanding of your brand, and creating a brand strategy that works together with marketing. Jakes understood this.

Our original rebranding in 2008  involved an extensive brand audit, brand strategy and identity design. One result was  removing the possessive from “Jake’s” and switching  from “Contracting” to “Construction”, thus more accurately reflecting the  level and scale of the operations. It also created room for future growth and brought the newly-formulated brand essence to the forefront: Capable, Dependable, Resourceful, Down-to-earth, Professional and Progressive.

This was the launch pad for our design process and a new, clean, simple logo as part of an identity system that reflects the main attributes that underpin everything they do, from how they interact with their clients to the smallest details of their work.

In 2013, to  celebrate their 20th year, and build on the new identity. We created a special addendum, a “XX” element representing ‘20’, along with a new tagline, “Twenty years strong.”


The new 20th anniversary identity and tagline were applied to all marketing collateral, signage, clothing, vehicles and elsewhere. The website was completely rebuilt to take advantage of more current technology and use responsive design for better performance on various devices.

The  full brand strategy platform resides on our online style guide resource, Managed Brand, with all brand elements and templates available at the touch of a button.

In addition to designing a new logomark that truly reflects Jakes’ ideals, most importantly our new website presents customers with access to a resume of key projects, both current and past. Industrial Brand adds value to our business. – Richard Wilson, Jakes Construction Ltd.

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