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West End Living—Redefined. A boutique building offering lifestyle, comfort, & convenience for a modern lifestyle.


Industrial Brand had the pleasure of working with Amacon previously on projects such as District, so we were used to realizing the vision that makes them stand out—a desire to capture the essence of each neighbourhood they develop in. This time around, Amacon’s latest condo project was to go up in the West End and offer an alternative from the typical expensive condos that litter downtown, yet an upgrade from the older buildings in the West End. Instead of stressful and pricey downtown living, the development would give people a comfortable hub of affordability and sophistication, simultaneously capturing the community of the West End and the energy of living downtown. The building would appeal to those who had left the West End for more modern living conditions, but missed the lifestyle; and those residents of the West End who were ready to live in an environment more fit to our contemporary lifestyles.


Since this project aimed to capture the spirit of the West End, we first played with incorporating the history of the location as well as the spirit of the community. Since 1957, the location had been occupied by an electronics store, Commercial Electronics. Thus, our naming process began with the concepts of electricity, music, and energy, with a naming identity matrix completed by staff evaluating potential names out of 10 under categories such as appearance, distinctiveness, depth, energy, humanity, positioning, and sound. After much deliberation, we went in a different direction, settling on the name Modern to communicate a balance of quality and functionality, and all the efficiency, convenience, and comfort once could want for a modern lifestyle. The tagline, “West End Living – Redefined”, ideally conveys the comfort and convenience of living yet forward-thinking personality of Modern.


We provided Amacon Modern with a logo, website, stationery, advertisements, registration cards, and even floor plans. To ensure the online marketing fully reached target audiences, we created a fully responsive website that adjusts to any browser size, including an optimized mobile experience. Our work achieved Modern’s goal of communicating that Modern is a boutique building that offers efficiency, lifestyle, comfort, and convenience – everything one could want for a modern lifestyle. The older buildings in the West End were once modern, too; but now, what we need from our living spaces has changed. We eat out more. We are busier. We live by a different set of rules—and that’s what Modern understands and caters to.

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