Ainsworth Energy

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Driven to succeed: Reinventing a forest products legacy into a high-demand, technology-focused renewable fuels dynasty.


Historically, the Ainsworth name has been associated with forest products—specifically, in finding productive uses for the scrap and waste related to forestry. Extending their expertise in heavy industry, business and turning the waste of others into high quality, sought-after products, saw the formation of Ainsworth Energy. Looking to the future, they realized they could apply their skills and knowledge to the renewable fuel industry. We were asked to help formulate a multi-tiered brand strategy and rollout.


Working with three generations of the family and the key management and stakeholders of the new company, we set out to explore and solidify exactly what is at the core of the company, and identify to whom their messages needed to resonate with—immediately and into the mid and longer terms. This was critical since the company would be going through several phases from startup financing through to major construction projects, technology development and ultimately sales.

To capture these ideas we developed the tagline, “Drawing on our past to fuel the future”. It speaks to the core values of Ainsworth, from its historical inception through to the company’s plans to become a dominant player in the renewable fuels industry.


In the renewable energy space, there is a sea of logos based on aspirations of  ‘green’/eco, nature and technology. Falling along these lines would do little to distinguish Ainsworth from others making these promises, and not be true to the company’s values. Instead, we chose to capture their innovative past, the practical and functional nature of energy, and a level of credible professionalism and robustness related to technology realized rather than promised.

Phase one of the work involved delivering a complete identity system and mobile-compliant website targeted to investors and technology partners. Moving forward, we are developing a sub-brand marketing strategy and related marketing support.

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