Roam Mobility

Brand Strategy, Logo Development

A liberating identity for Canada's newest entrant into mobile phone services.


Ask any Canadian business traveller to the USA if they are happy with the mobile roaming fees charged by the big mobility carriers and you’re certain to get a tirade. Enter Roam Mobility, a new Canadian mobility company that specializes in products and services for the traveller that come along with significant savings on talk, text and data. Launched in January 2012, we worked with Chris Neary from Frank Advertising to develop the identity for this upstart, and it’s sure to be disruptive in the mobility category.


The choices for consumers looking for discounts on roaming services were limited to a collection of discount offerings with brands that appear dubious at best, and downright suspicious otherwise. In addition, the discount brands did little to make the process simple, user-friendly and accessible, something that is critical to attracting the target audience Roam wished to develop.

This required an identity that fit more comfortably next to the big three carriers, and well above their low-end-looking competition. In all aspects, Roam’s intention is to rise to the task with an authentic message, and follow through with a simplified message and offering.

Capturing the concept of liberty—freedom from the shackles of roaming charges from your own carrier; freedom to roam in the USA without fear of massive bills; and ultimately the freedom to stay connected without concern—we settled on the concept of a floating dandelion. The rounded typography of the primary wordmark was chosen to be bold and confident, but most importantly, friendly, accessible and  sincere: A blend of soft and natural with modern and technical.

The primary colours, in shades of sky blue, were chosen specifically to evoke a sense of ‘blue skies’, travel and possibility. A secondary palate featuring a complete range of complementary and contrasting colours was also developed in anticipation of collateral, packaging and promotional considerations.


We provided the Roam Mobility team with a comprehensive Styleguide to use in the creation of their materials. Everything from a website through to packaging and advertising was created based on this identity work. With an ambitious launch date, having this well-considered and complete direction gave the client complete control and agility to streamline development of innumerable materials and helped to launch Roam Mobility on schedule to great fanfare.

Since launch, the brand has enabled Roam to work alongside large, established brands such as Allegiant Air, LS Travel and others (some very recognizable companies we can’t talk about yet) with whom partner credibility and consumer brand presence is mandatory.

Additionally, the highly developed brand has helped the company through multiple rounds of financing, and attracted investment based, at least in part, on the strength of the aesthetic qualities of the brand. Investors responded positively knowing that Roam would continue to delight those who come into contact with it.

We have created a brand that speaks to a real human insight (and commercial gap). The sense of freedom in travel has allowed Roam to communicate their products easily, attract suppliers and vendors and inevitably build a business for 10% of what is normally incurred in the MVNO space (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

Pre and post launch, we’ve used Roam and have to say, it’s impressive. If you’re heading to the USA and want to stay connected, give Roam Mobility a try.

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