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Putting a development on the map in a neighbourhood worth stopping in.


You can’t look across the horizon in Vancouver without seeing a construction crane. Chances are, it’s for a residential condo. In the craneless gaps are opportunities; gentrifying interstitial spaces yet to come into their own, but emerging soon. You can tell because they are just off otherwise bustling commercial and residential areas, already well-serviced by transit and trendy, pioneering shops and restaurants that have quickly become destinations for those in the know. Midtown, is a 41 unit, mixed-use development about to emerge in just such an area.


With a previously invisible location in Mount Pleasant, Midtown is right between two established and desirable areas—Main and Fraser Streets—and along the busy Broadway corridor. It may have been overlooked by some in the past, but such a central urban area represents real community, authentic variety and is all about growth. Where once people drove by without a second glance, and few trickled on and off transit, we needed to make a statement about this place: A bright, bold mark on the map to call attention to it.

The result is an integration of the “M” from Midtown and a location pin. A simple, but effective statement. The wordmark is bold and friendly, just like the neighbourhood! Combined with a brand treatment featuring our own photographs and a map in dark grey tones, it really stands out.

To date, we’ve created site signage, stationery, preliminary teaser website, and a brochure.


Our role has also extended to helping reach the younger target audience of the area. Leveraging the concepts of emergence, connection and community, we are currently working on developing a unique and precedent-setting community partnership that will not only define the marketing concept, but also very likely be the tipping point for this location. Stay tuned.

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