Philips Ledalite

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Global brand building by design. Shining the best light on luminaires targeted to architects and interior designers.


Phillips-Ledalite creates ergonomic lighting products and technologies for commercial and institutional markets across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

With a brand position and reputation as a leader in general office and commercial lighting, Ledalite needs to stay one (or more) steps ahead of the competition. They do this through constant research and development of product and technology integration, and through an ongoing reinvention of marketing, communications and systems meant to simplify the complex information, data and options to their industry audience.

For over a decade, Industrial Brand has worked with Philips Ledalite to tell the unique development and technology stories for their products, in print and elsewhere.


Appealing to architects, designers, electrical and construction contractor audiences with exciting new products while maintaining a consistent brand approach can be quite a challenge in its own right. Staying two steps ahead of competitors quick to adopt your every move kept us constantly innovating, and improving incrementally and in more significant ways.

A significant part of our work was in designing logos for in-product technologies such as Meso Optics (a proprietary holographic optical film), Airwave (a revolutionary wireless switches), and Eco-Step (a product sustainability program). In addition, we evolved the existing collection of Ledalite technology brands such as Daylight Response to standardize a comprehensive system of identities.

One of the requirements of regularly launching products is that you have to have a process in place to create content using prototypes. When we first started working with Ledalite, photography was done using film and extensive retouching. Over the years, we refined methodologies and adopted leading edge digital workflows, including, 3D rendering of products in some cases. This allowed for incredible flexibility and cost and time savings without compromise.

Throughout our time with Philips Ledalite, we’ve helped create and launch over a dozen industry-leading brands and products. One such example was the company’s first foray into LED technology. With a growing consumer demand for LED (light emitting diode) fixtures and a general perception that LED represents the technology of the future, Ledalite saw an opportunity to leverage its position as the industry’s leading innovator of architectural lighting to bring LED to their latest product.

We took design lead for the overall look and feel of the product and design of the marketing collateral for this International product launch. Dubbed JUMP, this product would position Ledalite as the preeminent player in this emerging technology. JUMP was introduced to over 6,000 architects, lighting designers, engineers, and others around the world, to great success.


Our work has led the way for advertising in top design magazines such as Architect, Architectural Record, Form, Architectural SSL and LD+A, and multiple direct marketing campaigns over the years. JUMP has also been internationally recognized for product innovation and design, and won a Red Dot Design Award and Architectural SSL Product Innovation Award.

Over the time we’ve worked with Ledalite, the Langley-based company has retained its leadership position, and grown exponentially. In 2008, the company was acquired by Philips.

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