Porte Development – Origin

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Giving rise to a uniquely progressive and green-focused community on Burnaby Mountain.


With a coveted location atop Burnaby Mountain in the heart of UniverCity, a progressive community modelled on sustainability, Porte Development had a unique story to tell prospective buyers.


We were part of an integrated team comprised of the developer, the architects, interior designers and the sales/marketing team. Following envisioning sessions and a research and discovery phase to compile information and insights about Burnaby Mountain and the project, our first task was naming. “Origin” speaks to the natural setting as much as it does the genesis of new approach to living that is embedded in the planning of this sustainable community.

Original photography was given a collage-like effect to evoke the idea of unique and varied perspectives. This was brought to life using the tagline “View Different”, as much about taking a second and third look at where you want to live as to how. The spectacular view from atop the mountain, fresh air, forested trails and proximity to town are just a few of the reasons to believe!

The new identity was applied to the interior and exterior of the sales presentation centre, signage, website, brochures, advertising and other collateral to create a consistent and seamless brand experience.


With a look that retains eye-catching prominence, yet respects the natural setting, by all accounts feedback has been extremely positive. Considering the project has sold 40 percent of available units within three weeks of the sales centre opening, it’s evident of a successful marketing launch.

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