Port Capital Group – Vya

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Who doesn't want to "live pleasant"? Crafting an illuminating brand for a Vancouver-based developer.


Port Capital Group, a Vancouver-based real estate developer, needed to brand its latest multi-unit residential development. Dubbed Vya, it is nestled into an easy to miss area of Mount Pleasant near Kingsway and 10th Ave. Sandwiched by future developments, the location was a nondescript used car dealership, a spot that had become invisible to passers-by. Our task was to create a visual brand and concept to capture the vibe of the project, and to bring impact and interest to the sales centre.



We needed to remind potential buyers about what they already love about Mount Pleasant. We considered the neighbourhood—an area on the brink of change, yet a part of the thriving Main Street corridor. We considered the people already living in this community and those aspiring to. We identified the target as a specific group of urbanites with a taste for how the community is now: one that values lifestyle and amenities like brew pubs, delicious local food, and the proximity to transit and bike routes. From this sprang the foundation of the campaign concept and messaging: Live Pleasant. It is a fun entendre, being both a personal statement about where you live and an attitude to life.

We designed the Vya logo to be clean and modern to reflect the design and construction of the building, also foreseeing the possibility the logo may be stamped into concrete forms or walkways. The eye-popping yellow serves to illuminate the presentation centre during what we anticipated would be a relatively grey and flat winter—injecting life and a point of interest to the site. Speaking of illumination, we even designed a custom “Live Pleasant” neon sign for the main display wall in the presentation centre. It emanates a yellow glow that serves as a beacon with just the right touch of kitsch.

The design of the logo also includes a long diagonal element to lead the eye, convey a sense of motion and ascension, a nod to the future transit plans for the area and the ongoing gentrification. This element gave the overall identity an added dimension and provided for integrated directional signage when needed.

With a relatively lean budget to work with, the presentation centre itself is an adaptive reuse of the existing building. As such, there were limitations to what could be done. By creating tight focal points with areas of white space, clean and clear signage and a site dominated by yellow, the design was effective in drawing in viewers and delivering a clear and consistent message.



Despite much more lavish marketing efforts surrounding the project, the presence of the Vya brand in the area is dominant. Passers-by, on foot, bike and car, have taken notice. Initial interest and sales have been positive and groundbreaking is on schedule to commence in Spring 2015.

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