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Walking the fine line from grape to bottle. A talented couple take on the best of BC wine.


With hot dry summer and cold winters, the Naramata Bench in British Columbia produces some of the best wines year after year; but with such fierce competition how do you make a new wine brand stand out? Or, more precisely, how to attract attention as a serious winemaker without resorting to gimmicks that devalue the contents and quality of the product?

First, start with our clients, Lyndsay and Graham O’Rourke and their property, already a supplier for noteable Naramata Bench brands such as Road 13.


Lyndsay, an award winning winemaker, and Graham, a viticulturist for such wineries as Mission Hill, wanted to combine their talents to create something special. Perhaps their most important point of differentiation is that they are not an ex-doctor or lawyer retiring to make wine—no, they are wine educated and have dedicated their careers to the craft.

Their extensive knowledge of growing the grapes and the cultivation of the soil, right down to the chemistry of mixing and combining the varietals, gives them unique control over the variables within and outside their influence to direct the winemaking outcome to a more certain and ideal level than those less experienced.

In combining the traits and values Lindsay and Graham wanted to imbue their brand with, an extensive competitive review and analysis and much consideration, our first creative step was to name the new winery. Of the many options generated, we landed on Tightrope as the right name for their brand.


Winemaking, like tightrope walking, relies on deep knowledge, skill, experience, a strong sense of balance and an ability to be flexible and adapt to many variables. Getting from one end of a tightrope to the other is, in so many ways, a metaphor for the journey of the grape from terroir to bottle. And there are only an elite handful with the mastery of balance and craft to achieve this well, with certainty.

The development and design of the visual identity centers around a lone tightrope walker in silhouette, and is intended to change depending on the varietal, use and time. We also developed and create the language and tone of the brand in written form. The result is a feeling of balance and precision creates the basis for an enduring wine brand that will distinguish the wine and eventual winery, as expert, passion-fueled and the product of deep industry experience and knowledge.

Tightrope walking isn’t for the faint of heart. A blend of daring and skill is required the higher the wire is set. We expect Lyndsay and Graham’s journey will be taken to great heights.


Results: We are proud to announce that Tightrope has won 6 awards in numerous categories for their initial wine releases.
Now, we’re not implying wine judging is in any way swayed by labels, but it’s especially nice to have the inaugural wines from Tightrope become so recognized right out of the gate.

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