Primex Manufacturing

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From plastic boxes to technology solutions; increasing the marketing bandwidth of a manufacturing company to deliver a competitive edge in telecommunications.


After several years of acquiring related companies, this Langley, BC-based plastic injection molding specialist wanted to consolidate with a master brand, Primex. Their main goal was to capture a greater share of the burgeoning North American market for custom-configured demarcation boxes (the wire-filled enclosures for buildings that telecommunication and cable companies install to bring phone, internet and cable services to homes and businesses). In addition to this was the need to retain a core market share in construction-related products, and have the flexibility to create future sub-brands.


There’s a major change emerging in the communications industry in North America as they move from copper wires to fiber optics, and to delivering more services with increasing bandwidth requirements. As a result, telcos are also looking to create smart and flexible installation solutions to make this possible. Rather than source plastic boxes from one vendor and wiring and connectors from another, these companies are looking for single source, pre-configured boxes tailored specifically to them. With a history of producing high quality, ‘plastic boxes’, and recent success working with large telcos, Primex was well-positioned to take advantage of this.

We helped Primex focus and identify this core competency, transitioning from a commodity-supplier of plastic boxes to a player capable of engineering complete technology offerings. We built the brand and message around this emerging market and new product launch while rolling out the new identity to support their existing business as well.


Following the brand strategy, we relaunched the company as Primex with the tagline ‘Fit everything. Together.’–a statement as much about engineering as it is about collaboration and customization. Content was carefully crafted to capture the new positioning for the website, direct mail, tradeshow booth, marketing collateral and stationery. Along with a comprehensive Style Guide, the company has everything they need to grow their own brand.

Continuing with development of marketing and client acquisition support in this new segment, we created the “WFT?” campaign for trade show deployment. Based on the flagship product’s ability to allow wifi signals to pass through it, unlike competing status quo industry products, “WFT” stands for “wifi transparency”. It really turned heads when jaded trade show visitors caught a glimpse of it emblazoned on t-shirts and elsewhere, and helped establish a market position in the crowded USA telecom space.

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