Hemlock Printers

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The latest in printing technology piggy backs on rock posters by legend Bob Masse.


Hemlock Printers is the largest sheet-fed printer in Western Canada and known for its innovation in adopting new technologies. They came to us to help launch MetalFX®, a revolutionary printing process that allows 615 metallic colours to be printed using just five. We needed to highlight the technology through the use of printed samples, but also appeal to a wide range of prospects and existing clients – from the young, hip designer to the middle-aged production manager.


Take something old and make it new again; this was the perfect metaphor for the MetalFX technology. We found these great, psychedelic concert posters by renowned artist Bob Masse. Imagine our surprise when we learned that not only was he still alive (vibrantly so at that), but living right here in BC. So we hopped a floatplane to his home and studio on Saltspring Island to meet with him, and take back three originals to use in our campaign.


We created a limited edition of these three re-released posters in MetalFX. Accompanying this was also a micro website, advertising, direct mail, resource guide and special edition business cards for sales reps. The sum of these elements not only allow sales reps to talk about the new process, but leave designers with a handy reference and three cool posters they would most likely want to frame and display, a constant reminder of Hemlock and MetalFX.

In addition, to correspond with the “Metallic Experience” campaign for Hemlock Printers, Blitz magazine printed their May/June 2005 issue using MetalFX®.

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