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Travel IS school

I don’t care what prestigious school you attended; your design education is incomplete without travel. Lots of it.

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Who cares if your website looks good? Employees, for starters

These days, employee retention is on the tips of many business owners’ tongues. According to multiple sources, such as Forbes Magazine, the young workforce is not aiming to find a company and sit comfy and stable in any decent position for the rest of their lives. Rather, fresh-faced workers want a job that actually matters […]

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11 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way Managing a Design Firm

The following article by Mark Busse was published in December 2012 in Design Edge Canada Magazine.   The purpose of this column is to challenge some of the assumptions that many young designers and future firm owners may have entering this profession. If I can help a few of you avoid learning even one or […]

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Styleboards: Saving time, money, and headaches during web design

Most businesses these days are familiar with the process of identity design; they either have experience working with a design agency in the past, or have a rough understanding of the process. However, when it comes to web design and development, it is often a different story. The fact is, there are many different barriers to a successful project for both designer and client.

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