Who cares if your website looks good? Employees, for starters

Mark Busse – One Comment

These days, employee retention is on the tips of many business owners’ tongues. According to multiple sources, such as Forbes Magazine, the young workforce is not aiming to find a company and sit comfy and stable in any decent position for the rest of their lives. Rather, fresh-faced workers want a job that actually matters to them on a life perspective—something that reflects and adds to their morals, passions, and personal missions.

When everyone is huddled down and hard at work most days, consistently proving your values and worth to your employees may be daunting. However, a good corporate identity and online presence can make things a little more feasible. If you haven’t updated the look, feel, and functionality of your website, you may be missing out on the opportunity to convince your employees that you are worth a long-term investment. Here are a few reasons why an up-to-date website and brand identity can help you retain the employees you want.

1. We are visual creatures. So make the visuals matter.

A picture says 1,000 words – especially in the age of Facebook and Instagram – and if your picture says you’re stuck in a vortex in 1992 with bad hair and neon graphics, potential employees will not be impressed. An updated website, on the other hand, communicates that you are modern, attentive to detail, and just as progressive as other companies. A clean and visually stimulating brand identity only builds on the same.

2. Don’t just tell your employees how great they are—say it on your site!

Research shows that a key factor in retaining staff is whether they feel valued, appreciated and recognized by their company or not. Complementing your staff in person is one thing, but that can often be forgotten due to a busy schedule and the normality of seeing someone every day. With an updated, interactive website, you can set up a blog that would help you highlight each of your employee’s achievements and strengths on a public and lasting platform. Give your employees time to write blog posts themselves, therefore validating their opinions, or write about them yourself. That way, your employees would feel like they matter to you as an important part of the company and are able to contribute to your corporate identity. This also positions you as a collaborative and open team.

3. Give your employees the tools to become a part of a bigger something.

If you run a fast-paced, busy business, feelings of loneliness and isolation around the office – especially for newer members of your team – could be an unacknowledged problem. So, give your team the resources they need to make connections with others in the industry and to get involved in your industry’s community. Create a page on your website devoted to company and industry news, and use it to showcase quality content that invites commentary by other industry members. By creating a strong hub for community connection, your employees will feel as if they are key players at the center of something special. Another level of meaning will be brought to their work.

4. A Working, Up-To-Date website connects you even more meaningfully to your employees.

With our smartphones and various social networking sites and useful apps, web has become the first point of contact for many people. We are almost always “plugged-in” in some way… so make your company website (and therefore culture) part of that virtual reality. With an up-to-date website, your employees will have a constant resource to connect with your company culture. A strong social media presence also aligns your business with other aspects of your employees’ lives in a creative, open, non-intrusive way. And keep in mind that your employees might feel that the first way other people will be judging their workplace is by checking out their website. If your website fails to do justice to the quality of work you do, your employees might feel like their reputations are worse than they need to be.

5. Don’t force your employees to do tedious tasks when technology can do them instead.

With a functional, modern website, organization and administration becomes significantly easier. As in, your employees will no longer have to do some of the tedious, boring, repetitive tasks that were never initially part of their job descriptions but that they ended up having to take on anyway. This leaves more time for enjoying their work, therefore strengthening the bond they have to your company.

6. Flaunt your employees’ work, publicly.

An updated, great looking website is a fantastic way to impress prospects, competitors and other viewers with your work. Easy to access and simply formatted case studies can convince people of your expertise and skill while also showing off your individual employees’ work.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the positive effects an up-to-date website, online presence, and brand can bring to your ability to retain employees. At Industrial Brand, we understand these benefits thoroughly and specialize in making them happen for clients. If you think it may be time to improve your website, do a brand audit or a branding process, contact us.