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Smart Messaging Using 404 Error

Marketers, strategists and gurus often preach about the importance of messaging, but often overlook simple and effective opportunities to reinforce focused messaging to an audience. Here’s an example of a company with a powerful message using a creative approach to squeezing the most out of its Web user experience.

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When to Say No to Design and Branding Projects

We all want to grow our businesses and do great design work, right? So what happens when your gut tells you to decline work? What guidelines do we have to reference as the potential client dangles the almighty dollar bill in front of us?  Influential Canadian designer Bruce Mau who brought us his Incomplete Manifesto […]

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That’s not the colour I approved!

“Hey! The colour looks different!” Heard that complaint before? It’s utterly heartbreaking when a client receives the final printed brochure, poster or annual report only to tell you they don’t like the colour. It’s even happened here a few times, but how do we make sure it doesn’t happen again in future? Well, you can’t […]

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Ethical Design?

As practitioners of communication design, perhaps it is too seldom we consider the consequences of our work. The ever present client pays us for our skill at harnessing visual language to communicate a message and ultimately cause effect, such as increased sales perhaps. But at what expense? At IBC we often joke around and say […]

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Innovation: Throwing Design Rules Out The Window

Sometimes rules should be thrown out the window. Often the most valuable lesson in art and design schools is ignored. For a visual communicator to grow and improve, you must be prepared to throw everything you just learned out the window.

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