Webinar: What We Learned from Narrowing the Focus of Our Firm

Long heralded as heroes of innovation, many firms and agencies are typically afraid to tackle a challenge that may well be the secret to their success. In this webinar, we discuss why specialization for your firm may be the way forward, not something to be feared or avoided.

Many successful firms may not yet realize the limitations and challenges that lie ahead if they don’t find a strategic advantage. As industries continue to change, specialization works for firms of all types and sizes. We embarked on this journey ourselves a few years ago and during this webinar, we talk about what we learned, the benefits of specialization, how it can be be done properly, and why you don’t necessarily have to give up your bread and butter clients.

Through a humble and honest look at the lessons we’ve learned transforming our design firm from a full-service studio to a highly focused one, we’ve identified six key benefits of specialization that might motivate you to apply this approach in your own practices:

  1. Positioning reduces competition.
  2. Specialization increases creativity 
and innovation.
  3. Focus saves time and improves 
collaboration opportunities.
  4. Being specialists leads to avoiding RFPs.(Well mostly)
  5. Deeper relationships ensue, 
and your value soars.
  6. Focus doesn’t mean having to 
give up current clients.