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Webinar: What We Learned from Narrowing the Focus of Our Firm

Long heralded as heroes of innovation, many firms and agencies are typically afraid to tackle a challenge that may well be the secret to their success. In this webinar, we discuss why specialization for your firm may be the way forward, not something to be feared or avoided. Many successful firms may not yet realize […]

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Lessons learned by narrowing the focus of my firm

The following article was recently published in Design Edge Magazine. What do you want to be known for? It’s a philosophical question, but also a practical one. It’s certainly one designers need to consider and re-evaluate as their careers progress. I’ll never forget the night I decided to take control of my business, the kind […]

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Key to growth: specialization

The following article by Ben Garfinkel is published in the December 2013 print edition of Design Edge Canada Magazine. Pick up your own copy to read the full article or you can download the full PDF here. Key to Growth: Specialization Ask yourself this question: would I rather be one of six firms invited to […]

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