Webinar: Don’t become an Accidental Brand

Practical tools to assess and grow your brand from the inside out.

Whether you’re just starting a company, or already a success, along the way the decisions you’ve made—or not made—affect the brand you own. Not everyone has the time, expertise and resources to craft, guide and maintain their brand. So how do you tell where your brand is at, and then, what do you do about it?

After this session you’ll:

  1. Understand the cues for when it’s time to (re)consider your brand
  2. Learn how to make an initial assessment of your brand strength and health
  3. See how to get past your own and other internal assumptions about your brand
  4. See how avoiding the accidental brand leads to greater company valuation

A brand is not your logo. The deeper you go you’ll see how your brand ties into corporate values as a cultural and operational catalyst.

Initially presented as part of the Incrementa Manufacturing Conference 2016.