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Webinar: Don’t become an Accidental Brand

Practical tools to assess and grow your brand from the inside out. Whether you’re just starting a company, or already a success, along the way the decisions you’ve made—or not made—affect the brand you own. Not everyone has the time, expertise and resources to craft, guide and maintain their brand. So how do you tell […]

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KA Connect 2015 a great option for AEC firms

Last May, we attended KA Connect in San Francisco and felt it was one of the best events we’d attended in recent memory. The event, hosted by KA Architecture (creators of the A/E social intranet platform Synthesis) was entertaining, participatory and highly informative mix of ideas, strategies, tactics, and discourse. KA Connect offered wisdom from a range […]

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We’ll design a brand identity, but branding is up to you

Recently a prospective new client asked us some rather pointed questions about the nature of what we provided as brand designers, the difference between branding and marketing, brand identity, as well as some other rather insightful queries. This client was a privately owned, relatively young company experiencing success and growth in their industry, but recognized […]

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