New Jakes Identity & Website Launched

Mark Busse – No Comments

We’re proud to have designed the new brand identity and website for Jakes Construction.

A contracting company that started fifteen years ago with one man named Jake, this family-owned company grew to be one of the largest construction firms in the Fraser Valley. Their previous identity no longer represented the large group of professionals or the high quality work they produced, so hired us to evolve their brand.

We worked with our client to identify the key qualities of the new Jakes, Capable, Dependable, Resourceful, Down-to-earth, Professional and Progressive, which we used to guide our design process.

The result was a name change from “Jake’s”, implying one person, to the more inclusive plural “Jakes” and switching from “Contracting”, a word that has the perception of a small-operation, to “Construction”, which more accurately reflects the level and scale of their operations.

Using our new understanding of their brand, we developed a clean, simple logo as part of a brand identity that reflected the main attributes that underpin everything they do, from how they interact with their clients to the smallest to details of their work.

As part of their new identity, we created a full brand strategy platform, online styleguide resource with templates and brand elements as well as produced a promotional campaign, collateral system and new website to tell their story.


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