Invite Google Business View into Your Office

Mark Busse – No Comments

Hop onto Google, search for ‘Industrial Brand’, and this is what you will see.

Google Screengrab - Industrial Brand

Do you see the box to the right of all of the search results featuring some basic information about our firm? That box is Google’s knowledge graph, and on top of showing our address, photos, and location, you now also have the option to ‘see inside’. Yes, you’ve got it. You can literally take a virtual tour of our entire Vancouver office while sitting in front of your laptop or on your phone. This feature is called Google Business View, and we believe it’s a must-have marketing tool for all businesses in the AEC sector. Here’s why:

  • As as a business in the built environment industry, it’s vital to showcase your own office space to your potential clients, partners and staff. If the office design is on brand,  it will serve as another selling point as clients will see that your firm is one who practices what they preach
  • The Business View of your office will shows up in your knowledge graph and also in the Google Maps tab, this may encourage more people to click through to your firm’s website
  • It may help increase your firm’s Google Search rankings. Several trusted Google Photographers have reported seeing ranking increases after a business have published its Business View, but it may be an indirect result of more people clicking through to the website as noted in our second bullet point
  • In addition to showcasing your own office space, use Google Business View to showcase the buildings that your firm have built or designed. You could take potential clients on a virtual walking tour of some of your firm’s proudest work. While photos are worth a thousand words, we believe a virtual tour via Google Business View will be worth even more.

Here at Industrial Brand,We have resources specializing in producing Google Business Views for your office, as only a Google Trusted Photographer trained in the techniques of panosphere photography can take and upload your office images onto the application. In terms of cost, we found Google Business View to be one of the most affordable virtual tour products on the market and the best thing about it is that Google, the world’s largest search engine, will host the tour for you at no cost. If you are interested in exploring this further, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to share our learnings and insights with you.