New Mercury Filmworks Identity Launched

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Mercury Filmworks New Identity

We’ve enjoyed collaborating with our friends at Mercury Filmworks as their design team for many years and were proud to develop and launch their new identity as part of their 10 year anniversary celebrations. Using elements of the previous identity (also designed by Industrial Brand) to create a sense of synergy with the company’s past, our concept was a much friendlier logo more reflective of the brand character and tone of the company Mercury has become over the past decade.

Mercury has evolved from a production-oriented studio to a full-service animation house capable of producing feature-length family films, so we sought to create a similar transition from a technical and impersonal planet-themed identity to one that softens and personifies the company. Having a significant portion of their work come from family programming of their own creation also provided an opportunity to introduce a more whimsical design evocative of childhood and nostalgia. The use of a child launching a paper airplane silhouetted against another planet is symbolic of potential, dreams, aspiration, creativity and imagination, and creates an even stronger connection to Mercury’s tag line: Imagination Advanced.

As part of the new identity, we created a full brand strategy platform, online styleguide resource with templates and brand elements as well as consulted on a number of internal initiatives as part of the new rollout. Congratulations Mercury Filmworks on a successful 10 years!