Keep Our Kids Safe Online. Support Red Hood Project.

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As communication designers, creating ethical websites is a huge part of our responsibility at Industrial Brand. Designing websites that safely, respectfully and innovatively enrich the lives of our users is what we do. So when we see loopholes and mistakes on the web that carry serious and life-threatening consequences for its users, it hits us hard. That’s why we’re loudly and proudly supporting Red Hood Project.

Red Hood Project was born from the aftermath of a deeply disturbing and devastating situation, when 14-year-old Amanda Todd took her life after the torment she endured online from bullies and online predators proved too much. Social Media Networking sites such as Facebook were prime arenas of the harassment. Although we’ll never be able to control everything our kids do online, the Internet is changing so fast, it’s hard for anyone to tell when the advancements and changes turn lethal. That’s why it’s important that we do everything we can do – which starts with putting up protective measures to keep our kids safe on Social Media Networks.

Red Hood Project is using three classic tools as ammunition: paper, pen, and words. Politician, arts advocate, community builder, and mother Sandy Garossino has written a letter to the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. The letter prompts Sandberg to finally employ privacy and protection measures within Facebook that would make it much more difficult for online predators to target vulnerable young kids. Read it for yourself on the Red Hood Project Facebook page.

So Red Hood Project is asking for you to do something very simple: if you agree with the cause, sign your name to the letter. Together, we can start to bring an end to online predators targeting our kids, and literally alter the way social media networks operate.

Don’t let our kids be targeted by technology. Support Red Hood Project.

You can also follow Red Hood Project on Twitter.

Update: On Monday, November 19, Sandy Garossino and Parry Aftab of Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board engaged in a discussion around Red Hood Project and the privacy measures of Facebook on CBC Radio’.