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Manufacturing companies should use online marketing to grow

Online marketing isn’t a magical solution that instantly generates revenue or boosts sales 100 per cent — but it is a valuable tool and untapped resource manufacturing clients miss out on. It’s a new way of thinking and a new way of doing business, and it can seem like a lot of work to implement. But […]

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Invite Google Business View into Your Office

Hop onto Google, search for ‘Industrial Brand’, and this is what you will see. Do you see the box to the right of all of the search results featuring some basic information about our firm? That box is Google’s knowledge graph, and on top of showing our address, photos, and location, you now also have the option to […]

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Are you struggling to provide consistent and engaging content?

Online marketing, and in particular social media, is something many firms struggle to understand. It can be hard to discern why it matters to them and their audiences. We have addressed this in the past with whitepapers and encouraged firms to start making inroads into platforms that are becoming a must for modern work environments. Even if […]

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