Introductions might be the best way to build your business in 2014

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When you ask people how they met their spouse, how they got their job, how they grew their business, etc. etc., many people will say “through a friend of a friend”, or something to that effect.

Sometimes we do things on our very own, but often we need to collaborate with others in order to be successful. This is especially true in business. Introducing people to others can have a significant impact on your business and a compounding effect that can last for ages.

Major innovations are often driven by a handful of people who were connected to each other by a third party, even if they are people in different specialties, different departments, or even different cities. But it’s not just about engaging in non-stop networking, it is more important to focus on the quality of the connection. Take a few minutes to understand people, to know what they do and what they can offer beyond what you think you may be able to do for you at that moment.  Be curious about others. Ask questions and learn about their expertise and interests.

Making connections is truly beneficial for everyone. Often people overlook the idea or don’t see it as being important. Here is a Huffington Post poll from August 2013 outlining the various ways people give back; introductions is at only 27%.

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If you decide to engage in an Introduction Project, here are a few tips to making it more successful:

  1. Introduce people where there’s likely to be a mutual benefit
  2. Provide a valid reason for why they should take time to meet or talk
  3. Don’t set up expectations or a “tit for tat” situation that might not be able to be met

There is even an entire website designed for the sole purpose of making introductions. The two founders of that company were, guess what? Introduced by a third party.