Henriquez Partners Architects Blog and Website Launched

Mark Busse – No Comments


We really enjoy working with architects. The simple fact that we speak the same language of design and work in the creative field, often immersed in a similar processes makes it all the more appealing. Last year we were fortunate to be asked by Vancouver-based Henriquez Partners Architects to recreate their online presence. Their goal was to showcase their studio, some of their recent projects, and the ideas behind them via a clean, modern web interface.

Perhaps not surprising, their objectives and audience needs and behaviour seemed best addressed through the creation of a blog. Senior members of the Henriquez team already kept personal journals and they wanted to archive and share their inspirations, opinions, rants, sketches, and even articles written on design and architectural topics. Also functioning as a modern upgrade to the old fax blast newsletters they used to send out, the blog Archimemo was born.

The next challenge though, was how to tie their less formal, almost sketchbook-like articles, with their corporate website and portfolio. Through some careful analysis and planning, we created an editorial method of promoting certain posts from the text-based blog format to their Flash-based website via what we called “the tunnel” using RSS.

The project was a challenge with hiccups and pitfalls like any other, but in hindsight I think we did a good job of meeting their creative brief and hope you agree.