Government exploits students with design contest

Mark Busse – No Comments

The Government of Canada is exploiting students, harming the Canadian design industry, and potentially putting the country’s brand identity at risk, all in the name of “engaging youth”.

In 2017, Canada celebrates 150 years since Confederation. This is an opportunity to build national pride and create a lasting legacy, while showcasing great Canadian design. The government’s first attempt at a Canada 150 logo caused heated controversy and mass media coverage. Apparently, it still hasn’t learned its lesson.

In the past, Canada has been recognized for design achievement, from iconic symbols like our Centennial logo and Expo 67, to the present day work by top creative firms. We should continue to set our bar higher.

Instead, Minister of Canadian Heritage Shelly Glover launched an open, speculative logo design contest for students, with a meagre $5,000 awarded to the winner. Other participants receive nothing for their efforts while forfeiting ownership rights to their work. As a Canadian designer, this disreputable practice leaves me embarrassed.

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