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Dos and Don’ts of the Design Portfolio

Mark just asked me to take ten minutes and jot down my opinions about what a student (or anyone I guess) should do/include/avoid when putting together and presenting a portfolio. A couple years ago I actually did a post on the topic on this blog. Since then I have been on the receiving end of […]

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We Did It At Canstruction Again

Well, we did it, again. The Industrial Brand/Legends Memorabilia “PicniCANtics” took top honours in this year’s Canstruction Vancouver for the third, THIRD, year in a row (2005 Award, 2006 Award). For those not in the know, Canstruction is an international design/build competition that benefits local food banks, brings together teams of architects, engineers, graphic artists […]

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An architectural twist for Vancouver

Many years ago while travelling throughout Europe I discovered the work of Spanish architect Santigo Calatrava. I was immediately drawn to the marvellously complex yet elegant architectural forms of his structures (especially his bridges). Almost always executed in white, the colour (or absence thereof) served to enhance the beauty of form and suggest a sculptural […]

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Want a Design Job? Passion Matters

Relatively speaking, I don’t think we get a massive number of people knocking on our door looking for work, but we do get more than our fair share. It’s not long enough that I don’t remember being fresh out of university and having to undertake a job search myself, so I can still empathize. However, […]

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Blurring The Line Between Work And Play

No matter what your job, wouldn’t you rather jump out of bed in the morning excited not about getting to work, but to play? But how do you integrate play into a work environment in ways that motivate and inspires the team, while maintaining passions, mental health and creating a sustainable work environment?

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The Big Reveal – Poster Art by Bob Masse

In early April we blogged about our visit to the studio of psychedelic concert poster artist Bob Masse and his subsequent trip to our studio for a top secret project we were working on. We also promised to reveal what it was when we could. Well, we’re pleased to say the launch campaign featuring reproductions of three of Mr. Masse’s original posters for U2, Jimi Hendrix and No Doubt is a big hit.

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