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Where do ideas come from?

The following article by Mark Busse was published on October 7, 2013 in Design Edge Canada Magazine. Boom. I hit the wall. I couldn’t think of a single idea for this month’s post. I was blocked. I had nothing. I hate feeling stuck or uninspired. But it’s in those times that years as a designer […]

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Kick start your social media marketing plan

If you’ve read any of our most recent blog posts, you’ll realize that one of the biggest changes in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry right now is online marketing. While an online marketing strategy is made up of many parts, including a firm’s website, blog, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing, one […]

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Reinvention: The designer’s key to happiness?

The following article by Mark Busse is published in the September/October 2013 print edition of Design Edge Canada Magazine. I encourage you to go out and pick up your own copy to read the full article or you can download the full PDF here. If you enjoy the article (and I know you will), you […]

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Are Calls To Action really that important?

Yes, they are. By now we all know that every website should have a Call to Action, ideally there should be one on every page. Recently I compiled a short summary (from both a marketing as well as design standpoint) that outlines some different types of Calls to Action and why they are important. Here […]

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10 things you can do to prepare for working with Industrial Brand

If you’ve crafted and successfully gone through a proper RFP process, you’re likely well ahead of the curve in establishing a solid foundation for working with your chosen branding firm. If you did not conduct a formal RFP, here are a few pointers to help you get the process and relationship off to a great […]

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So you think naming is simple?

Did you know the name Apple was inspired while Steve Jobs was pruning Gravenstein apple trees on his friend’s orchard? According to the recent Steve Jobs biography, Apple Computer could have just as easily been called Personal Computing International. Had it been, who knows if it would have met with the same iconic success. The […]

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Hey Their! Why we all need better grammar

If you didn’t catch the grammatical error in the title of this post (or the many in the photo for that matter), read on… Unlock the latch and propping open the lid of my secret chest of pet peeves and you’ll see that nothing irks me more than the flagrant misuse of versions of “there”, […]

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Those of you who know a thing or two about us know that we’re very much into our food. You might have perused this blog and noticed a distinct absence of food-related posts. The reason is that some time ago we decided the topic was so huge for us that it deserved its own space, […]

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The New Industrial Brand

After months of work and anticipation, today is the day. The day we launch our new identity with a new website, blog and an unimaginable list of collateral and promotional item including a new logo, new tagline, new stationery, new promo items, new website, new EVERYTHING. Design and producing an entirely new brand identity for […]

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Sorting Award Shows

Just today I was trying to decide whether to bother entering a few of our recent web projects into the W3 Awards and was in a bit of a fence-sitting position about it. Over the course of a year we are becoming bombarded by more and more award show calls-for-entries. This wasn’t a bad thing […]

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