Want a Design Job? Passion Matters

Ben Garfinkel – One Comment

Relatively speaking, I don’t think we get a massive number of people knocking on our door looking for work, but we do get more than our fair share. It’s not long enough that I don’t remember being fresh out of university and having to undertake a job search myself, so I can still empathize.

However, with the hot competition not only for jobs, but also the smallest piece of a prospective employer’s attention you’d think job seekers would do their research and really try to knock our socks off. Not so, unfortunately. Sometimes, depending on our mood or the way we are approached, we might take the time to educate a few people who’ve got it all wrong, but very often it’s all too obvious people are using the machine gun approach to getting a job. Pretty damn ineffective. Research the market and the company you are applying to (especially if you are sending something unsoliticed). Then figure out why you might be a good fit and try to prove it to us. Be clever, intelligent and funny, but be clear and concise. Wow us. Make us feel like we’d be fools not to hire you, even if we can’t right away. We might be soon. In fact, read “Passion Matters” first. Why? Because it does matter. It was written by Rick Landesberg of Landesberg Design.

So, if you’re looking for a design job as a creative professional you need to read this; because if you can’t market yourself well, how the hell are you going to be able to do it for our clients?