Sustainable business practices are part of our brand

Mark Busse – No Comments

We are concerned about our impact on the environment and strive to create business practices that support sustainability. In our business we strive to reduce our use of paper and take other steps to control our impact environmentally. It is part of our corporate brand to be aware of sustainable practices.

In our role as marketing strategists, designers and often as the lead in the specification and vendor qualification process for print production, we are in the position to educate, create and produce on behalf of our clients. Thus, we do so with the smallest possible environmental impact. In these pursuits we are currently taking the following initiatives:

  • Communicating via email (proposals, invoices, newsletters, etc) where practical appropriate reduces paper and carbon impact of mail sent via traditional means.
  • Convincing numerous clients NOT to print excess collateral materials such as annual reports, and if possible avoid printing altogether in favour of producing online materials to be distributed electronically.
  • Educating our clients on the benefits of specifying paper from mills committed to sustainable production such as Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC); wind power, recycled content and carbon neutrality.
  • Selecting printers who are committed to sustainable practices through FSC certification process and their own efforts to use environmentally-friendly materials and reclamation processes.
  • Donation of used computers to schools and deserving charities, or environmentally safe disposable services.