New FVRL logo launched

Mark Busse – No Comments


We’re very proud of our partnership with the Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) and their new identity system and logo we launched for them recently. One of the oldest and largest library networks in Canada, FVRL came to Industrial Brand with the challenge of updating their identity across all fifteen branches of their network. With the guiding concept that libraries are no longer about books, but all manner of media including PodCasts, MP3s, audio books, videos, we developed a contemporary, playful and flexible solution that matched their new tagline Read. Learn Play.

Our solution is an identity that draws influence from systems such as semaphore, Braille and others to give each branch a unique mark within the context of a consistent brand approach. To date, an enthusiastic implementation of the identity has infused a wave of freshness, vibrancy to everything from delivery trucks to library cards. Congratulations FVRL!