Brand Strategy

If you don’t craft and control your brand, others will do it for you. Your brand will grow by circumstance and at random. A brand strategy collects every aspect of what you believe, and want others to think about your company. It gives you the tools, thoughts and words that consolidate the essence of the company so you may grow, together.

Why a Brand Strategy

Whether you are a new venture or an established company, you want to ensure that your position in the market is clearly defined, and differentiated. So you stand out, and stand for something. Positioning? It’s not just about how you look to your current and potential clients, but also to your staff, and appeal to top talent. If you’re wondering how healthy your brand is, start with this Brand Strength Assessment Worksheet and see if you identify any gaps.

An effective Brand Strategy relies on many interdependent components, from logo and design through to content strategy and online marketing, that build on one another to form the whole. With the aim of making it easy for people to understand what you do, believe and offer—and for everyone in the company to know what to say and do on a day-to-day basis to bring authenticity to your claims. Live the brand. Love the results.