Advertising Campaign – Bikram’s Metrotown: Hot Yoga For Everyone

Mark Busse – No Comments


We recently revealed a fun outdoor advertising campaign for Bikram’s Yoga Metrotown. Aimed at a broad spectrum of men and women from a variety of cultures, ages, shapes, and fitness, our challenge was to create brand awareness ads that would break through the clutter of those so frequently seen at bus shelters and train stations.

With the help of photographer Johann Wall, we created a series of brightly coloured, tongue-in-cheek adverts using images of regular people in unusual poses. The copy, with its huge letters “HOT”, serve not only to remind people that Bikram’s Yoga is practiced in a 105 degree room, but to make people smile as they realize the multiple layers in the ads’ message.

All manner of people practice Bikrams, and even if they aren’t the expected skinny, semi-naked bodies seen in lululemon ads. They look like you and I; overweight, balding, and nerdy. These are average people, reinforcing the statement “Yoga for everybody.” These people aren’t models, but they are indeed “HOT”, and so can you be too if you try Bikram’s Yoga for yourself.

The ads already have people talking, so let’s hope it translates into increased inquiries and new clients willing to try Bikram’s Yoga for themselves!






The fourth ad in the campaign series at a Vancouver SkyTrain station.

More photos of the ads in situ can be seen on our Flickr page.