A Step-by-Step Guide to Social Media Marketing for AEC

So your AEC firm understands what social media is and why it’s important in your industry, but how do you get your firm onboard? This white paper is Part 2 of our Social Media for AEC series and is designed to take you through the motions of how to kick start your firm’s social media marketing initiatives. If you’ve already taken your first steps towards adopting a social media marketing strategy and you’re looking for more, we discuss additional platforms to consider that are specifically relevant to the AEC industry, such as Houzz and Architizer. We’ll provide insider tips for making the most of your efforts and showcase industry-specific examples of AEC companies that are doing it right.

One of the oft-cited reasons for not adopting social media is selection paralysis. With literally thousands of social media platforms to delve into, the task seems endless, daunting, and scary. To get started, we just need to narrow the field a bit. The top three social media platforms that are most relevant for AEC firms are Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These three will form a solid start for your social media strategy. Once you’ve mastered them, layer and experiment with new platforms for your brand identity.

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