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Why Personal Branding Matters

The importance of Corporate Branding has been extensively discussed but personal branding is a topic that can often fall by the wayside. Jonathon Snook just put up a great short article that sums this up nicely. Most of it seems like common sense, at least when examined one at a time, but this overview puts […]

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Website backup isn’t sexy, but it’s do or die

I work in a world of data. Most of what I do directly involves the manipulation of data or the transfer of data from A to B. Most of what my clients do is manipulate or transfer data from A to B. Indeed, most of my clients are paid by their clients to manipulate data […]

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Getting Real: 37signals on Web App Development Processes

I’ve always appreciated defined methodologies and well documented processes with steps, procedures and documentation. It’s long been an accepted approach to developing design or technology solutions. And nowhere has this been more true than with web and software development. But these days, with Agile Programming and Open Source Communities combined with the mind-boggling rate of […]

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