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Act like an expert, not a designer

The following article by Mark Busse was published on December 9, 2013 in Design Edge Canada Magazine. As a young design producer I was convinced my job was to keep clients happy. To service them to death. To deliver what they asked for on time, on budget, and with a smile. I also thought it […]

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You don’t need to join a design association to succeed

You don’t need to join a design association. What’s the point? Your time is tight as it is—you have Mad Menepisodes to catch up on—and money is even tighter, so why give any of it to a club of stodgy old designers who don’t get it anymore anyway?

You don’t need to join a design association. I suppose it demonstrates the level to which you are committed to your career and community, but so does that tweet you sent [email protected] last week. I’m sure she hasn’t responded because she’s super busy right now. #pleasenoticeme

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When it Comes to Design Research, Clients Aren’t Really Our Clients

Seriously, they’re not. Not really. Think about it. Our clients’ clients are our clients. Before any fellow design instructors flip out, insisting they spend a good deal of time teaching their students how to interview clients, develop target audience personas or write project creative briefs, ask yourself honestly how often this is really done. How frequently […]

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Design School Didn’t Tell You…

Design Edge Magazine recently launched a new section on their website and invited my friend David Berman and I to be regular contributors. My column is called Design School Didn’t Tell You… and my first post, This industry will drive you crazy, is below: The graphic design industry has driven me crazy. OK, that might not […]

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