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Recharge your marketing with customer data

Don’t use intuition to guide your marketing. Use facts. By aggregating and analyzing the data you’ve collected about your existing customers, an audit will help you identify trends that can help educate you about your sales process. An audit is a crucial step to verifying the accuracy of assumptions you may have about the lead […]

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Interesting Vancouver 2014 is coming!

We’re excited to be supporting Interesting Vancouver on November 7th at SFU Woodward’s this year. Interesting Vancouver is an annual community event showcasing the Metro Vancouver’s most fascinating people and the way they express their creativity through their interesting hobbies, passions and obsessions. More than another “sage on the stage” lecture series, Interesting Vancouver is […]

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Are you struggling to provide consistent and engaging content?

Online marketing, and in particular social media, is something many firms struggle to understand. It can be hard to discern why it matters to them and their audiences. We have addressed this in the past with whitepapers and encouraged firms to start making inroads into platforms that are becoming a must for modern work environments. Even if […]

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Be a VancouVoyeur at Vancouver Draw Down

On Saturday, June 14th, Hughes Condon Marler Architects and Industrial Brand invited the public to be a VancouVoyeur and see Vancouver in a “hole” new way! We set up a drawing wall on the south seawall under the Cambie Bridge and gained a fresh perspective of our city’s skyline. This event was part of  Vancouver Draw Down, an annual celebration of […]

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Six common “patterns” that can affect design and brand identity

We were asked by a consultant recently if there were certain patterns and common assumptions that we’ve noticed with regards to repeated application of marketing/design knowledge to similar clients when developing brand identity. Discussions amongst our designer and partners ensued and we came up with six common themes. 1. We are not (insert your specialty here), and you are not designers. Designers […]

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Web Tips: Be Ready To Be Hit By A Bus

An unstructured list of experiences, pet peeves, and advice surrounding interactive design and development. Let’s make something clear right now: I’m not a trained web developer. Nor am I any sort of interactive expert in my opinion. But I have been involved in the design and production of websites for clients for many years. So, […]

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